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Biogas Cleaning System (Gas desulphurization system)
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Process Description

Traces of impurities are present in raw biogas. Removal of these impurities (such as water vapour, CO2 and H2S) and getting clean biogas is essential prior to using as fuel for various applications. Gas cleaning systems offered include H2S Scrubber and CO2 removal. It is possible to upgrade clean biogas to pipeline-gas quality by using IETL’s gas cleaning systems.

Introduction of gas cleaning system

Anaerobic digestion is an effective means of converting organic industrial waste, animal manure into methane-rich biogas and fertilizer grade sludge by a consortium of bacteria. Clean biogas can either be used in boilers for heat or in gas engines for power generation. Generation of electrical power from biogas is more profitable option as compared to its application as fuel in the boiler. Also, electricity is easier to transport than steam or heat and supply is easily measured. Before the biogas can be used for power generation in 100% biogas based engines, the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) needs to be scrubbed to minimum permissible levels for corrosion free operation of biogas based engines. Then clean biogas can be better employed to generate power directly through genset and the balance heat can be further recovered as steam, hot water etc. With the advent of modern gas cleaning and upgradation systems, which converts the biogas into a regular vehicle grade fuel having methane content and qualities comparable to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG),clean biogas can be considered as a separate source of energy in itself rather than a mere substitute for fossil fuels.

IETL's Bioskrubber™H2S Scrubber system (used for H2S removal from all type of gases viz. biogas, natural gas, acid gas, tail gas, vent gas streams, shale gas, syngas, etc.) plays a pivotal role in pollution control function in the BioRenewables energy sector as well as the oil and gas sector. Our Gas desulphurization System/ H2S Scrubber system known as Bioskrubber™ is a leading gas cleaning system utilised for generation of power from Biogas and pre-cleaning of other unconventional gas streams (viz. Shale gas, CBM). Gas desulphurization system is vital because hydrogen sulphide gas is corrosive and water vapour may cause corrosion when combined with H2S on metal surfaces, reducing the heating value.

In IETL's Gas desulphurization system, clean bio-technology is used. No expensive catalyst and chemical is required in gas cleaning system. H2S scrubber operates at ambient temperature and pressure. Low cost to clean biogas, as up to 92% caustic recycled. In H2S Scrubber, partial co - absorption of carbon dioxide takes place. Very high H2S removal efficiency - over 99% is gained. H2S reduction to less than 200 ppm guaranteed with a Bioskrubber™system. Elemental sulphur as by-product of gas cleaning system with 80 – 90% purity is achieved. IETL's Gas desulphurization system has been working successfully in many industries for the last 12 years.

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