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Bioskrubber™  is a robust Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber i.e. H2S Removal System.

Bioskrubber™  is a biochemical scrubber to remove H2S from biogas / natural gas, in which the spent caustic solution is continuously regenerated in the bioreactor.

Fig: BioskrubberTM 3D Model.

IETL also offers Containerised, modular Bioskrubber™ - H2S Removal Unit, designed for 100-200 kg/day of sulphur load and recovery of high-commercial-value biological sulphur, Sulfabact™

Fig: Containerised modular Bioskrubber™ 3D model


Bioskrubber™, Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System is a Biological scrubber. It has an indigenous Biological based gas cleaning/ H2S Scrubber technology offered by IETL for pre-cleaning of varied gas streams such as biogas, sour natural gas, and landfill gas unconventional gas streams such as Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas as well as vent gas/tail gas and acid gas streams. IETL provides this economically attractive H2S removal System.

Various industries which have anaerobic digesters are currently using biogas as supplementary fuel in their boilers. Now with “Bioskrubber™” - Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System, there is an option of producing clean gas to generate their captive power. This Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber is an economically attractive technology to remove H2S from biogas, natural gas and sour air streams, being supplied by IETL.

The basic working principle of our H2S Removal System - Bioskrubber™

The Bioskrubber™ can be viewed as a caustic type of Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System in which the spent caustic solution is continuously regenerated in a bioreactor.

The scrubbing liquid containing the sulphide is directed to the bioreactor where the sulphide is oxidized by aerobic microorganisms, of the group of the colourless sulphur bacteria, into the elemental bio sulphur.

From above equations the hydroxide used in the scrubber is regenerated in the biological step. The liquid entering the scrubber at the top is sulphide free, resulting in a high concentration difference between the gas & liquid phase. Consequently very high removal efficiencies, in excess of 99% can be easily obtained. The bleed stream consisting of sodium salts is sulphide free & can in most cases easily be discharged.

We have developed a nutrient feed called as “Sulfixx”™ required for the microorganisms which perform the function separation of elemental sulphur from the Hydrogen Sulphide contained in the gas.

The Bioskrubber™is a gas Desulphurization system with added advantage of elemental sulphur recovery. Here in, valuable elemental sulphur is obtained as bi-product with purity of 80 - 90%. Sulphur has a number of applications various industries, it is used as fertilizer directly or additive to the fertilizers. It is also utilized in making the fire crackers. Its purity can be improved in the range of 95 – 99% by using the Sulphur smelting process. The sulphur with high purity has special applications in sugar and pharmaceutical industry.

Bioskrubber™ advantages:

1. Low operating cost for our H2S removal system as compared to other available gas scrubbing technologies.

2. Our Bioskrubber™ , Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System, is a robust, reliable and time tasted system suitable for varying atmospheric temperatures.

3. Low effluent generation by this H2S removal system.

4. Bioskrubber™, Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber, has optimised design, suitable for continuous operation without stoppage.

5. Biological sulphur/elemental sulphur as a by product of the Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber having commercial value as nutrient additive.

Innovative has expertise in Biological Scrubbing process. Hence, we are able to help client in operating the plant at optimal conditions. We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for Bioskrubber™ , H2S Removal System.

PFD of Bioskrubber™, Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubber

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