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Unconventional Gases

Unconventional Gas:

Unconventional gas refers to natural gas resources trapped in coals, shale, Coal Bed Methane (CBM), and tight sands. These resources differ markedly from conventional gas reservoirs in that they are diffuse, continuous accumulations of natural gas. Hydrogen sulfide gas occurs naturally in conventional as well as unconventional gas.Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, toxic and flammable gas and has a foul odour. Environmental regulatory government authorities have certain standards set for gas processing. To develop and implement reliable and cost effective technologies to cope with the changing requirements, IETL offers its Bioskrubber™. As IETL's clean bio-technology based ergonomic Bioskrubber™ have very high H2S removal efficiency, these can be used for Removal of H2S from conventional as well as unconventional gases.

H2S removal from Shale Gas:

Shale gas is natural gas produced from shale. Shale gas is becoming an increasingly important source of natural gas in the world. H2S removal from shale gas is extremely critical. IETL offers its Bioskrubber™ for H2S removal from Shale Gas

H2S removal from Tar Sand:

Oil sands or tar sands are a type of unconventional petroleum deposit. The sands contain naturally occurring mixtures of sand, clay, water, and a dense and extremely viscous form of petroleum oil along with gas impurities. IETL offers Biogas Upgradation System for removal of gas impurities from Tar sand.

H2S removal from Syngas:

Syngas is the direct end-product of the gasification of coal or oil. Once processed, Syngas can be used for heating,power generation, hydrogen production or the manufacturer of key liquid fuels such as diesel fuel or methanol. However if the source material has sulphur compounds in it, syngas will contain impurities like H2S, which need to be cleaned. IETL offers it’s well tested Bioskrubber™ for H2S removal from Syngas.

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