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IETL was established in 1998 with a vision of becoming a significant contributor towards production of clean gas and Green Energy by promoting an integrated and sustainable approach to all its products. Fourteen years and 34 successful projects later, IETL is the leading provider in India for hydrogen sulphide gas cleaning systems under the leadership of its proficient founder, Mr. Chandan Gadgil.

IETL offers a wide range of cutting-edge, energy efficient systems from biogas cleaning for power generation to cleaning of unconventional gas streams and fossil fuels for power generation, chemical manufacture and transformation to liquid fuels. The following is a summary preview of the technologies/systems offered by IETL.


Biogas Recovery

IETL offers tailor made anaerobic digestion technologies for treatment of organic effluents ranging from low to high concentration industrial effluents, municipal sewage and other organic biomass. The anaerobic digestion processes produces Biogas – a non-conventional source of energy which can be effectively used for domestic cooking, heating and power generation resulting into substantial revenue savings at optimum costs.

Biogas Cleaning (Bioskrubber™) and Power Generation

Generation of electrical power from biogas is more profitable option as compared to its application as fuel in the boiler. Also Electricity is easier to transport than steam or heat and supply is easily measured. Before the biogas can be used for power generation in 100% biogas based engines, the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) needs to be scrubbed to minimum permissible levels for corrosion free operation of biogas based engines. IETL offers the Bioskrubber™ – a biochemical treatment for hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas generated from organic effluents, municipal sewage, etc. It is a clean technology with zero effluent generation and recovers elemental sulphur of fertilizer grade from the raw biogas. Innovative (IETPL) is a leading provider of the Bioskrubber™ Technology (Biogas Desulphurisation System) in India with over 30 successfully operating plants in various parts of India.

Biogas Upgradation (CO2Skrub™) To Compressed Natural Gas - BioMethane

Traditionally, the use of biogas is restricted to just being a replacement for fossil fuels used in the process industry either for steam generation or for power generation. In that scenario, biogas is typically viewed as a low cost substitute for increasingly expensive fossil fuels of both gaseous and solid type viz. Furnace Oil, Coal etc. But with the advent of modern biogas upgradation technology, biogas can be considered as a separate source of energy in itself rather than a mere substitute for fossil fuels. IETL offers the CO2Skrub™, a biogas upgradation system that converts the biogas into a regular vehicle grade fuel having methane content and qualities comparable to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Thus BioMethane offers an opportunity to develop a green fuel as a sustainable energy resource.

Fossil fuels/Unconventional gas streams:

IETL offers sustainable solutions for the cleaning of gas streams such as sour natural gas, syngas, acid gas, tail gas and other unconventional gas streams from fossil fuels containing Hydrogen Sulphide using the Bioskrubber™ to levels required for various applications such as power generation, chemical manufacture and transformation to liquid fuels.

Oil and natural gas processing projects
IETL has capability to provide EPC services for small oil and natural gas processing projects. Our competitive advantage lies in the ability to offer our customers support across all phases of an asset, from conceptual design, technology, through construction, operations, training, and where appropriate, co-investment.

H2S Removal Skids
   - Bioskrubber™ biochemical system with recovery of high commercial value biological sulfur sulfabact™.
   - Absorbent-based systems to reduce the H2S to ppb level.
   - Membrane-based gas cleaning skids to remove CO2 and H2S from gas streams.

Metering skids

IETL provides innovative and integrated fiscal/custody transfer metering skids for oil & gas metering. IETL can build quality-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested modular systems fully integrated into a skid-mounted package.

Chemical injection skids

IETL supplies pre-designed and packaged Chemical Injection Skids for a wide range of liquid chemical injections.

Multi-stage Orifice Assemblies

IETL has experience in design and supply of multi-stage orifice assemblies for blow down application.

Pressure Reducing Stations

IETL offers reliable pressure reducing stations for gas applications.


New formulation by IETL for development of activated biological sulfur as vital "S" nutrient additive under the brand name SulfaBact™

IETL also takes Annual Maintenance Contracts for their products and offers Project Management Consultancy too.

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