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Our product namely CO2Skrub™ is a Carbon Dioxide Scrubber. This is a pressurized water scrubbing technology offered by IETL for carbon dioxide (CO2) removal and scrubbing of varied gas streams such as biogas, landfill gas, sour natural gas, unconventional gas streams such as Coal Bed Methane (CBM), shale gas as well as vent gas/tail gas & acid gas streams.

How Carbon Dioxide Removal CO2Skrub™ System works:

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) free Biogas coming out of the H2S removal system is fed to the inlet of CO2 removal system i.e. Carbon Dioxide Scrubber.

The CO2 Scrubber, CO2Skrub™, consists of following stages:

  1. Pressurization of Incoming Biogas Followed by Cooling
  2. The incoming biogas is compressed to 7-8 bar pressure with a reciprocating compressor. The compressed biogas is cooled with the water coming out of a cooling system.

  3. Pressurized Water Scrubber
  4. After the cooling, carbon dioxide is removed in a CO2Scrubber / absorber. The Carbon Dioxide scrubber is packed with packing material for excellent mass and heat transfer. In the absorber carbon dioxide removal is done by scrubbing. The water is re-circulated into the absorber at the top, whilst the biogas flows through the absorber counter current to the water.

  5. Partial degasification of scrubber water
  6. The water used for scrubbing contains traces of methane. This gas is recovered by partial degasification of scrubber water in a flash vessel. In the flash vessel, due to sudden change in pressure of the scrubber water; partial degasification is achieved. The recovered gas is again fed to the inlet of the pressurized scrubber.

  7. Regeneration of Scrubber water
  8. This is achieved by method of Air Stripping. In the air stripping tower air coming from outside is put into a desorption reactor where the recirculation (scrubber) water is counter currently flowing down. Most of the CO2 is being removed by stripping to the atmosphere. This is the distinctive feature of our CO2 removal System - CO2Skrub™.

  9. Dehumidification of Upgraded Biogas
  10. This process removes moisture present in the upgraded biogas. This is an adsorption type dryer wherein a molecular sieve OR suitable adsorbent is used for drying purpose to achieve desired moisture content at the outlet of the CO2Skrub™ i.e. CO2 Scrubber.


Advantages of our Carbon Dioxide Removal System- CO2Skrub™:

  • High level of automation resulting in easier operation of the CO2 removal system
  • No expensive chemicals are required for our CO2 scrubber
  • As this Carbon Dioxide Removal System has the regeneration process, small process water is required
  • IETL's CO2 scrubber CO2Skrub™ has been giving consistent results.
  • CO2Skrub™ provides high methane content in Clean Gas (upto 95% methane) *Applicable for BioCNG*
  • High energy efficiency with minimum methane loss to scrubbing medium*Applicable for BioCNG*
Our CO2Skrub™ Carbon Dioxide Removal System- are functional in BioGas plants, BioCNG plants, Natural gas plants and in the scrubbing of unconventional gas streams.

We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for Carbon Dioxide Removal System-CO2Skrub™ system installed by us.

PFD of CO2Skrub™, Carbon Dioxide Removal System

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