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Biogas based Power Generation Plant - Green power from biogas.

IETL is dedicated to biogas recovery, cleaning and renewable energy generation i.e. power from biogas and BioMethane production with its Bioskrubber™ and CO2Skrub™ technologies. Today, IETL is one of the renowned enterprises in the field of engine based renewable power from Biogas in India. With an experience of more than a decade and over 30 successfully installed projects, IETL has the expertise in providing complete end to end turnkey solutions for power generation plants based on the Biogas.

If the Biogas is fired in the boilers as an alternate fuel, power from biogas can be generated but it is gross underutilization of the recovery potential of the energy in the biogas. The biogas can be better employed to Biogas based Power generation Plant directly through engine and the balance heat can be further recovered as steam, hot water etc. Generation of electrical power from biogas is a more profitable option as compared to its application as fuel in the boiler. Also Electricity is easier to transport than steam or heat and supply is easily measured

Biogas-based power generation plants produce electricity that is environment-friendly and are a source of clean energy from waste. Organic waste for biogas power plants are amply available in industries such as distilleries, starch/maize processing units, municipal sewage treatment plants, food industries, agricultural companies etc. Larger biogas power plants generate and feed electricity into mainstream power grids. These eco-friendly biogas power plants can be designed and customised depending on the size of the unit and needs.

Typical Engine based Biogas Power Plant Scheme:

  • Biogas Cleaning System for H2S removal (Bioskrubber™ ).
  • Biogas Fired Engine i.e. Biogas Genset.
  • Steam Generator running on Engine Exhaust.
  • Plate Heat Exchanger connected to Engine Jacket to recover jacket water heat.


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