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Gas cleaners are used for Hydrogen Sulphide removal from Natural gas/ Biogas.
Hydrogen Sulphide is present in numerous gaseous waste streams from natural gas plants, oil refineries, and waste water treatment plants among other processes. If the H2S content is very high, IETL offers its biochemical gas cleaners–the Bioskrubber™ system followed by an Adsorbent Based System. However many gases have very low ppm levels of H2S which need to be removed. In such cases, only Adsorbent Based Systems (Gas cleaners) can be provided. A water-spray system to saturate the inlet gas may be required.

Advantages of Adsorbent Based System:

  • In Hydrogen Sulphide removal from natural gas/ biogas processproduct consumption is dependent only on the amount of hydrogen sulphide passing through the bed.
  • It matches the need for H2S removal with variations in system flow conditions and outlet specifications, irrespective to the total volume of other components of the gas.
  • Adsorbent based Gas Cleanerscan be employed where Requirement for H2S content in the Clean Gas is very less i.e. H2S content in the Clean Gas is required to be less than 1 ppm.
  • The Adsorbents use in system for hydrogen sulphide removal from natural gas, prevent foaming or carryover and are predictable and reliable under a wide range of conditions.
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