AMC for Biogas Scrubber
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
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We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for our Biogas scrubber system - Bioskrubber™, Adsorbent based H2S Scrubber System as well as CO2Skrub™ system installed by us. The contract has following features:

  • Supervision of Operations of the biogas scrubber plant.
  • Total operation of the biogas scrubber plant.
  • Supply of spares of the installed biogas scrubber.
  • Periodic check up of the Biogas scrubber's operational parameters.

Innovative has expertise in Biological Scrubbing process. Hence, we are able to help client in operating the plant at optimal conditions. Thus client can become assured about operation of the biogas scrubber.

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