PMC Service for Biogas Scrubber
Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
Our Services
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
Assistance for availing CDM/REC benefits
Upgradation of Existing Biogas Plant

Our PMC Service comprises of the following services and is applicable for Engine and all the other auxiliary equipments including Biogas Scrubber.

Development Services
Our Biogas scrubbers are ergonomic, so designs of the appropriate equipment meet client's need and configuration of our Biogas scrubber is set to achieve the technical and economic goals.

Project Budgeting
We work out comprehensive budget, to cover the project costs. The budget would include development costs, permitting costs, engineering costs, equipment costs, construction costs, and the costs for financing and interest during construction (if applicable).

Project Planning
A project schedule is worked out for the project team to monitor and report the progress. The schedule covers activities from commencement of development activities through to commercial operation of the project. Details of the construction schedule will be developed by the construction contractor and incorporated into the project schedule.

Request for Proposals (RFP)
We will identify issue to summarize RFPs for major equipment like Biogas scrubber and contractors to help ensure that the best terms and conditions can be obtained.

Assistance for Availing CDM/REC Benefits for the project
We assist the client to identify and coordinate with the CDM/REC Consultants and Govt. agencies to avail the CDM/REC Benefits for the power project. We also assist the client in the procedural aspects for availing these benefits.

Overseeing of Erection and Commissioning
We depute our engineer for Overseeing the Erection and Commissioning Procedures for the Power Plant Equipments as well as Performance Testing as guaranteed by the suppliers of the power plant.

Advantages of having single window contract for Biogas scrubber and power generation

  • Single point responsibility for end to end services.
  • Optimum utilization of client’s resources in areas critical to his operations through outsourcing of Project Management Function.
  • Configuration of the most optimum technical system with the choice of multiple equipment suppliers.
  • Our experience will ensure that the client procures the requisite plant equipments at the most competitive prices.
  • We ensure that the client procures the requisite plant equipments at the most competitive price.
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