Biogas To BioCNG/BioMethane
Biogas Genset Based Power Generation


What is BioCNG/ BioMethane?

BioCNG/ BioMethane is a fuel of vehicular fuel grade produced from biogas which can be produced from various sources like industrial effluents, municipal solid wastes, municipal sewage and agro residues. These may come from various sectors such as distillery/palm-oil/starch/sugar/paper/food-processing/slaughter-house/poultry.

Why BioCNG/ BioMethane?

Upgradation of Biogas to BioCNG/ BioMethane increases its Gas Calorific Value from about 4500 Kcal/m3 to 8000-9000 Kcals/m3.

  • Highest return for every m3 of biogas.
  • Supplementing of fossil fuel e.g. LPG/CNG/diesel/petrol.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint- Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Certified Emission Reduction (CER) benefits
  • CO2 emission reduction by 97 % (164 gCO2eq/km for Petrol vs. 5 gCO2eq/km for BioCNG/ BioMethane).
  • Transformation of waste to high-value product.
  • Fixed price- Independent from market volatility.
  • Locally available.
  • Can be fed to the gas network directly.
  • Pioneering project - Inspiration for others.

What does IETL offer?

Innovative Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a rich experience of 33 projects successfully implemented and commissioned.

IETL offers complete EPC services for cost-effective, state-of-the-art turnkey systems for upgradation of BIOGAS to BIOCNG/ BIOMETHANE consisting of anaerobic digesters, gas cleaning systems, a high pressure multi-stage compressor and cascade transportation and pressure-reducing-systems for end-use of BioCNG/ BioMethane as follows:

Who are the Project Beneficiaries?

  • Farmers.
  • Gas distribution companies.
  • Gas producers.
  • Industries producing organic effluents.
  • Nations.

What are the advantages of IETL's systems?

  • High methane content in Clean Gas (up to 95% methane).
  • High energy efficiency with minimum methane loss to scrubbing medium.
  • High level of automation resulting in easier operation of the system.
  • No expensive chemicals required.
  • Small process water requirement due to regeneration.
  • Consistent results; even for part load operation.
  • Operation at ambient temperature and pressure.
  • Successful commercially operating plants for the last 12 years.

First Large-scale Biogas to BioCNG/ BioMethane plant in India

IETL has designed, constructed and commissioned the first large scale Biogas to BioCNG/ BioMethane upgradation project for Spectrum Renewable Energy at Warana in India on pressmud and distillery biogas.

  • IETL has provided the entire Biogas Upgradation Plant consisting of H2S cleaning and CO2 removal system.
  • Upgraded Biogas i.e. BioCNG/ BioMethane contains more than 95% Methane, H2S less than 5 ppm and moisture at -40o C DP.
  • This BioCNG/ BioMethane is being used as LPG replacement.
  • The project status: Successfully commissioned.

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