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Natural gas, having impurities like H2S and CO2 gases, is commonly called 'sour gas'. Sour gas is undesirable because the sulphur compounds are highly corrosive for use in equipments like gasengines,turbines or for long distance conveyance. Its H2S content can be extremely harmful, even lethal to breathe. Because of undesirable characteristics of Hydrogen Sulphide, it is needed to be removed. The process for removing hydrogen sulphide from sour gas is commonly referred to as 'Sour gas sweetening’.Sour gas sweetening system scrubs the Hydrogen Sulphide in the natural sour gas stream to form fertilizer grade elemental sulphur. Innovative offers a biochemical sour gas sweetening system which consists of the biogas desulphurisation system BioskrubberTM to remove the Hydrogen Sulphide present in the sour gas. The removed H2S is subsequently converted biological sulphur which is a fertilizer grade valuable by-product. This sour gas sweetening system makes the originally sour gas suitable for use as fuel in the natural gas based power generation or for the manufacture of chemicals. Sour gas sweetening systems play an important role in processes within oil refineries or natural gas processing plants that require removing hydrogen sulphide.

Innovative has installations at two locations namely Narimanan and Ovilkallapal in Tamil Nadu, Southern India for a power generating company MMS Steel & Power Pvt. Ltd. where sour gas sweetening systems are operating successfully. Here Innovative has helped unlock valuable resource of sour natural gas stream coming from the abandoned oil fields of M/S.ONGC Ltd. This gas is scrubbed to remove the harmful H2S the gas stream to a value less than 10 ppm level which makes it acceptable as a fuel for natural gas based genset. The power plant is operating since 2006 and generating 15.00 MW of electricity.

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